Fieldtrip with the kids from Casa Hogar, September 2006                                                                  [ BACK ]

Upon arrival at Casa Hogar, we unloaded the truck and stocked the freezer with new food supplies for the kids.

Don and Davie Campbell loading supplies.

Getting food ready for the field-trip.

The kids were very excited!

Kids getting ready and packing up for the field-trip.

Fitting the kids with a life-vest for swimming and fun in the water!
Having a blast in the water! Lifeguard Davie on guard in the pool with the kids.

Oh-Boy ....... Watermelon-time!

Safety first ! Look at that smile!

Going kayaking! Who's going first?
Fun at the beach!


Some of the kids didn't want to swim, so they played at the park instead.
Tired from a fun-filled day, and ready to go home.

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