Dana Belles Regatta 2005 - "We Love Mark Howe" dress-up                                    [BACK]

Campbell Sloop took home the "Spirit" Award for this event!!


Donning the Mark Howe look-alike costume, before check-in.
Dixie handing out the "We Love Mark Howe" logo's for our white shirts.
Susie and April blowing their conch-shells, a Mark Howe tradition upon anchorage at Santa Barbara island.
Pucker-up those lips, girls!!!
With GREAT caution, we proceed to the Committee boat to check-in. Snorkeling, another favorite Mark Howe tradition in the Channel Islands.
Teryl, oh faithful fore-deck hand that she is, prepares her spinnaker one last time before the race. All the while, trying to remain un-suspicious under her long brimmed hat (which seems to be too big for her head). ha!

Way to go TC!!!
Ay pirate ain't a pirate wutout heys wisky bot-ul, I's tell ya!!

Ok, back to business. Time to put our racing caps on. But, um, where's all the boats behind us??? Where'd they all go?
.....are we going to make it around that pin?
.....should we head up or fall off?
.....what is that other boat doing up there?
.....I don't know, what do you think, Shannon?
.....I don't know, what do you think, Cheree?
Canon's exploding in the distance on The Spirit of Dana Point. Ahhh, what a beautiful day at sea!