Prayer for Campbell’s Sloop Naming Ceremony                                                  [BACK]

Eternal Father, gracious and glorious Lord, your mighty hand spread out the heavens. You created and rule the seas. By your command, the winds blow and the waves of the sea are lifted up. You give us the beauty of each new day and calm us with the stillness and colors of the approaching evening. By your creation, you shower us with your love. Lord, may we forever be grateful for all that you have given us.

Dear Lord, you answered Susie’s prayers and brought her this beautiful sloop, now Campbell’s Sloop. We desire to use this sweet vessel to bring You glory. As we enjoy sailing your seas, may the companions and crew aboard her develop loving and lasting friendships, and may our words and actions be like sweet perfume to you. Help us to treasure each other and the beauty of your creation.

We give thanks to you, gracious Father, for this beautiful vessel and ask for your continued blessings upon Campbell’s Sloop and all those who sail her. Watch over us, protect us and keep our minds sharp so that we may make wise and timely decisions as we enjoy the bounty of your gifts and the beauty of your world. In our enjoyment, we give you all praise and glory. We ask all of this in the name of your Son, our savior, Jesus Christ.